Our Story

Our Story: We have learnt from the wisdom of the Bamboo.

“Nature is always speaking to us and providing lessons. We only need to improve our ability to hear with our eyes and see with our ears to appreciate her lessons.” (Garr Reyonds – Tedx, Tokyo- Bamboo Zen)

(1). Looks can deceive: Big is not always beautiful

The body of even the largest type of bamboo is not large compared to the other much larger trees in the forest. But the plants endure cold winters and extremely hot summers and are sometimes the only “trees” left standing in the aftermath of a storm.

At 1000 Bamboo, we have learnt to stand tall, believing in our own strength of experience and humility. We know and it is implicit in all that we do - that there is strength in the light, in openness and transparency. There is strength in kindness, compassion, and cooperation. And it will always be our bedrock.

(2). Be harmonious with the surrounding environment: Bend but don’t break

One of the most impressive things about the bamboo is how it sways with the breeze. This gentle swaying movement is a symbol of humility. The foundation of the bamboo is solid, yet it moves and sways harmoniously with the wind, never fighting against it. In time, even the strongest wind tires itself out, but the bamboo remains standing tall and still.

A go-with-the-natural-flow attitude is one of the secrets for success whether we’re talking about bamboo trees, or just dealing with the everyday vagaries of life. And in the world of travel it matters much. Things can and do go awry at times, not because they were not checked or calls were not made. Vehicles stall and luggage are lost on airlines. But it is our ability to solve the situation that works in our interest in that hour. And that is what we at 1000 Bamboo stand for.

(3). Be strongly rooted yet flexible

The bamboo is remarkable for its incredible flexibility. This flexibility is made possible in part due to the bamboo’s complex root structure which is said to make the ground around a bamboo forest very stable.

In our world, Roots are important, yet in an increasingly mobile world many individuals and families do not take the time or effort to establish roots in their own communities. As a company, at 1000 Bamboo, it is in our nature to be involved and deeply rooted in the local community right outside our door. We care!

(4). Smile, laugh, & play: Fun and happiness are important.

It is said that bamboo has a strong association with laughter, perhaps because of the sound that the bamboo leaves make on a windy day. If you use your imagination, it does sound a bit like the forest laughing; it is a soothing sound.

In our world, having fun is important. At 1000 Bamboo, we take our work seriously, but not ourselves. And we always introduce fun elements in our programs! A game of cricket with the locals, participation in a marriage or a fun filled “Holi” (festival of colors) afternoon. After all it’s a journey and should be fun filled and enjoyable.

(5). Simplicity and usefulness: Towards our clients, ourselves and our communities.

The bamboo in its simplicity expresses its usefulness. Life and work are complicated enough without our interjecting the superfluous. It is our endeavor at 1000 Bamboo to un-complicate, to simplify. It makes us more creative in our approach. And it shows in what we do.

The 1000 Bamboo Tours is a journey of professionals, with incredible years of experience in the world of Travel industry.

-A team of destination experts with team leaders having individual experience of 20 years each with some of the largest travel companies of Indian subcontinent (say Thomas Cook, TCI, Kuoni Destination Management and SITA)

-Unbridled passion for the destination of the world.

-Deep contacts with some of the largest Hotel chains, individual unique properties and coach / car companies, thus giving you, our business partner, very competitive rates in the destinations.

Add the above and that's what you get at 1000 Bamboo Tours!

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