Our Philosophy, Vision & Values

Our Philosophy

Our basic foundation is based on the philosophy of "to-do-whatever-it-takes".

By itself the phrase conveys a huge responsibility. In our world it conveys "run the extra mile, make the extra call, do the extra check". For us it is a question of "whatever it takes to deliver a memorable experience to the guest".

It thus gives us a very clear thought process. It gives us the ability to say "no" when a lot of others may say "yes" to a business proposal on the basis of cutting corners.

It gives us the credibility with our service providers that the business will respect the local laws and customs, will be sustainable to the environment and at fair value.

It gives you, our Guests, the ability to sleep well with the thought that you are in safe hands with us and that you will have a very memorable experience and will come back with a lot of positive comments during your feedback sessions.

It also gives us the ability to propose another destination to you given the previous positive feedback.

Our Vision

To make our guests experience the incredible culture, beauty and diversity of the world so that they take home memories of a lifetime.

Our core Values: Touchstones.


We encourage entrepreneurship. Every team is an entrepreneurial unit of excellence and thus is rewarded accordingly. The teams thus try and excel at the delivery so that the guests are happy and it enhances their ability to get more business.

Trust, Integrity and Accountability:

We conduct our business in a fair, trustworthy and honorable manner. We will be responsible for our guests, business partners, families and communities that we conduct our business in.

Sustainable Tourism:

We believe that Tourism has to be sustainable, local cultures and traditions are to be respected and the environment, including animals and birds, have to be protected for our next generation.

The spirit of sharing:

We believe that it is in our capacity to be generous to the land that gives us opportunities to celebrate its beauty. Therefore a percentage of our profits will be distributed to the less fortunate every year for a social cause that we feel very passionate about.

Value accreditation and shareholding:

Every employee must derive benefit as a participant in the growth of the company. We will create and distribute wealth for our shareholders, our employees and the communities that we work in.

The Government of India mandated GST number and CIN (Corporate Identity Number) for doing business in India by 1000BambooTours.com (Registered Name: TBT Leisure Private Limited) is as follows:
CIN: U74999DL2018PTC340439
1000BambooTours.com (Registered Name: TBT Leisure Private Ltd.) is a Govt. of India, MSME certified company.
MSME UAM Registration Number: DL09D0001697